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The Winged Seed Spring 2002

The Winged Seed

SPRING 2002  Volume 3 Issue 1



Tub Therapy for Body, Mind and Soul

Spring Detoxification for Vigor and Health

Spring Class Schedules

What's New at Samara Botane?

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Tub Therapy for Body, Mind and Soul

Healing Waters and Ingredients from Nature for Rejuvenation

Mae West said it best: “When in doubt, take a bath.”

Doctors agree. According to Lynn Keegan, R.N., and Gerald T. Keegan, M.D., authors of Healing Waters: The miraculous health benefits of Earth’s most essential resource (Berkley 1998), a half hour in the tub can relieve myriad ills. The warm water and gentle pressure of a bath can prompt your blood vessels to dilate slightly, encouraging a slower heart rate and helping to relieve physical and mental tension.

By adding some of the following ingredients, you can turn your simple bath into a welcome pool of healing and rejuvenating waters.

Don’t make the water too hot; a bath that is warm to the touch is the most therapeutic and least drying to the skin. The ideal bath temperature is between 95 and 104 degrees. The bath should be no longer than 20 to 30 minutes. Any more than that will tend to dry your skin.

Some of the natural ingredients that can enhance your bath.

Oatmeal (finely milled meal from the inner part of the oat) relieves itchy skin caused by dryness, poison ivy, sunburn, eczema, psoriasis and even chicken pox. This form of oatmeal is specifically created for the bath and disperses well in warm water. You can find colloidal oatmeal prepackaged in the exact amount for a bath in most aromatic wellness centers.

Saline solution relieves yeast infection symptoms according to Gideon Panter, M.D., a gynecologist at New York Hospital Cornell Medical Center. He often recommends saline baths for patients with yeast infections. The saline solution helps return the infected vagina to a normal, healthy state. Just add 1/2 cup table salt to a warm bath and relief is instantaneous, and Panter recommends the treatment for two to three nights in a row at the first sign of symptoms. He advises patients to use a finger to gently allow the water to enter the vaginal opening. If symptoms persist, be sure to see your doctor.

Bath salts, including Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) and sea salts, work primarily by drawing fluid and toxins from your body. This method of bathing is wonderful for the relief of bloating. Added to warm water, you get relaxation and stress relief—and adding other ingredients such as essential oils and herbs can provide yet another dimension for your health and well-being. Use at least one cup of Epsom salts or sea salt, however, always follow the recommended directions for aromatically scented salts, but you can add additional unscented salts to increase efficacy. Talk to your local aromatherapist for essential oils and blends that will help with your specific needs.

Essential Oils are fast becoming a mainstay in the bath. Try chamomile (either Roman or German) for relaxation and to promote rest; lavender (L. angustifolia) for stress relief and Rose Geranium to help with women’s particular cyclical stresses associated with difficult periods or menopause. Your local aromatherapy apothecary will have pre-made blends for a variety of effects in the bath, or be able to assist you in developing your own creations. Always put your essential oils in milk, honey or an emulsifier so that they disperse in water evenly.

Herbs can add emollient, cleansing and rejuvenating effects. Water-soluble constituents smooth and heal the skin and the subtle aromatics provide relaxation. Avoid strong herbs like thyme and oregano; stick to calming herbs like lavender and chamomile or rose and orange flower petals. You can add herbs directly to the bath in a muslin bag or large tea ball, placing under the faucet while filling your tub. The most effective herbal bath preparation is made ahead of time in an infusing teapot, pouring the finished bath tea directly into the bath when ready.

Vinegar added to the bath (approximately one pint) will raise the skin’s pH level making it slightly more acidic and helps prevent the growth of certain bacteria. Vinegar will help curb persistent foot odor and doctors often recommend vinegar baths as a preventative measure against possible yeast infections when taking antibiotics. You can also find after shower spritzers made with vinegar to help restore the acid mantle to the skin preventing infections and allowing the good bacteria to flourish.

Cornstarch soothes much like colloidal oatmeal and is wonderful for dry skin. Pour a cup into the bath, directly into the stream of warm running water to help it dissolve.

Ambience is important to achieve a desired and lasting effect. You will want the bathroom to be pristinely clean and uncluttered. Avoid interruptions. Gentle music, soft lighting or candles and a tea-light or nebulizing diffuser can add peaceful tranquility to help you unwind.

A rejuvenating bath is usually best in the evening, just before bed, allowing the body to continue its recovery process on through the night.

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Spring Detoxification for Vigor and Health

Tea Blends to Stimulate, Invigorate and Cleanse

Ingredients from Samara Botane to Add to a Healing Bath:

  • Evening Primrose CO2 for women’s balancing
  • Rose petals, chamomile flowers, Lavender buds and Neroli flowers for softening and nourishing skin
  • Infused Aromatic Body Vinegars
  • Three Flowers Flower Remedies for energetic healing
  • Color Baths for psychological uplifting, grounding and manifestation
  • Samara Botane Saturated Herbal Extracts of Lavender or Melissa
  • For a bath of luxury, add essential oils of Sweet Orange, Sandalwood and Jasmine absolute in a carrier of milk



What effects do today's toxic pollutants and impurities have on the body? It becomes sluggish, fatigued, over stressed and defenseless against today's disease. Environmental toxins hidden in our air, food and water are also hiding in us. Your body sends out warning signals to tell you when it is weakened, over stressed, tired and sluggish. Symptoms can include headaches, bloating, tiredness and lack of energy, mental fatigue and aches & pains. These warnings should not be taken lightly, your body is slowing down and needs help.

Some alterative herbs like Burdock, Cleavers and Mullein improve the body’s ability to eliminate waste through the kidneys, liver, lungs or skin. Others work by stimulating digestive function or are anti-microbial, including Blue Flag, Garlic, Golden Seal, and Nettles.

Of major importance to the digestive system, as well as to the rest of the body are the bitters. Quite simply, these are remedies that have a bitter taste. Their broad effect on the tone and function of the body offers an opportunity to treat the body as a whole. The ‘bitterness principle’ is action usually caused by a volatile oil, an alkaloid, monoterpene iridoids or a sesquiterpene. It seems that they all work in a similar way, by triggering a sensory response in the mouth. The sensation of bitterness is directed by the nerves to the central nervous system. From here, it is passed on to the gut giving rise to the digestive hormone gastrin, leading to a range of valuable effects, including stimulation of appetite; stimulation of the flow of digestive juices from the pancreas, duodenum and liver; aid to the liver in its detoxification work and increase of the flow of bile. Since we herbalists believe that many health problems have their roots in an overworked liver, the possibilities are very good using bitters for tonic action and detoxification. Those for the digestive system include Gentian, Barberry, Golden Seal, Chicory and Blessed Thistle. Bitter herbs with a specific action on the circulatory system include the relaxing herbs like hops and valerian, reducing wind and taking pressure off the heart. Certain bitters have expectorant actions such as white horehound.

Diuretic herbs like celery seed, dandelion and parsley increase the secretion and elimination of urine, helping the body eliminate waste and supporting the process of inner cleansing. There are diuretic actions from herbs that are cardio-active and circulatory stimulants, as well as those that cause diuresis and are secreted via the kidney.

Hepatics like rosemary and sage (specific for the circulatory system) are herbal remedies which in a wide range of ways aid the work of the liver, toning and strengthening and in some cases also increase the flow of bile, like boneset. An area of therapy often well suited for herbal treatment is that of liver damage. The incredible complexity of liver chemistry often infuriates those who don’t believe in simple plant remedies. In reality, these simple detoxifying formulas are extremely effective, and what some researchers call ‘common weeds’ are proving to be profound tools in the treatment of the diseases caused by pollution.

Each system of the body has plants that are particularly suited to it. Most are what are called tonic herbs, and promote a general improvement of body functioning, not a direct impact or direct amelioration of disease.

Other herbs to consider for spring detoxification are anti-microbial (peppermint, osha, calendula, eucalyptus, juniper) and anti-catarrhal (cayenne, elder, hyssop, sage), which benefit the whole system.

Samara Botane will have a spring detox formula in bulk stock, along with infused ginger honey to help jump-start your whole system this spring.

We will also feature two excellent classes to learn more about detoxing herbal effects and tea blending with Inger Land Genest and an Ayurvedic healing journey surrounding foods, herb and spices as well as breathing for health and detoxification.




For Information or To Register: Call 206.283.7191

Pick Up Expanded Brochure for Each Class—1811 Queen Anne Ave N Ste 103

An Ayurvedic Healing Journey— with Glynnis Osher

Glynnis Osher’s Ayurvedic Cooking & Customs Series was such a wonderful success that she’s continuing on with more exciting forays into exotic India. Through the wisdom of Ayurveda, embark on a personal journey of healing, rejuvenation and restoration of vitality. Meeting once a week for four weeks, indulge and heal yourself with a month long practice of movement, meditation and chanting. Learn to choose and prepare foods with cleansing spices to nourish and balance your body while practicing meditation and chanting, breathing practices and discovery of self-massage. Attendance for entire series of four only, no single class can be taken on its own.

$45 per session if paid each week, $170 for entire series prepaid by Wednesday, April 3. A fee of $5 for supplies and ingredients at each class will be paid to the instructor on the night of the class.

Class runs each Wednesday from 6:30 PM until 9:30 PM

Wednesdays, April 3— 10— 17 and 24

Connecting With Joy—with Geo-Romancer Camilla Bishop

Camilla shares her passion for and spiritual understanding of the Earth; her heart especially attuned to the wildflower devas, nature spirits and gemstone guardians. Join the creator/owner of Three Flowers Essences for an evening experiencing an Earth Attunement (deepening connection with the Earth), learning about her creations of Northwest Flower Essences from the Columbia River Gorge and restoring Spiritual Empowerment (honoring your way of knowing).

$35 including supply fee.

Thursday, April 11—6:00 PM until 9:00 PM

Aromatic Perspectives—with Marcia Elston, Folklorist/Therapeutic Herbalist/Cert. Aromatherapist

Marcia brings her unique plant knowledge and perspective in a series of 4 classes intended for those wishing to know more about essential oils and other herbal extracts and their use in family or personal wellness— or for practitioners interested in enhancing their skills and knowledge. It’s a mixed bag, intended to be fun and experiential. Join Marcia as she weaves through a history of aromatics and perfumery, modern aromatherapy discoveries and unusual myths and folklore that expand the spectrum of your phyto-essence and aromatic plant knowledge. We will cover specific applications and techniques, simple & complex blending techniques, prepare simple hand-made products and blends— and explore wisdom learned in aromatic practices in cultures such as TCM and Ayurveda. Each class will cover several essential oils in depth as well as other plant derived ingredients that blend to insure the effective and safe use of phytotherapeutics for your health and well being . . . and just for bliss. You’ll go home with delights to heal and soothe.

Take any one class for $50 (includes lab fee): Pay for all four by April 13 for $175 (save $25)

Class #1 Saturday, April 13, 1:00 to 3:30 PM— Oils covered: Tree Oils- Melaleuca, Conifers, Cypress

Class #2 Saturday, May 25, 1:00 to 3:30 PM—Oils covered: Warrior Oils-Spices & Thyme/Oregano

Class #3 Saturday, June 15, 1:00 to 3:30 PM—Oils covered: Florals & Women’s/Children’s Oils

Class #4 Saturday, July 13, 1:00 to 3:30 PM—Oils covered: Restorative Roots & Heartwoods

Tastes From Tart to Minty—Tea Blending 101 with Inger Land Genest, Herbalist

Inger, a graduate of Dominion Herbal College, takes you through the intricacies of tea brewing, explaining the benefits and brewing differences of a variety of herbal teas. You will learn by introduction to the lovely, varying tastes and aromas, as well as the medicinal attribute. Unlike medicinal herbal teas, beverage blends are formulated primarily for taste. Some of the herbs we will discuss can be used as “preventative medicine”, but the focus of this class will be on scent, mood, taste and general enjoyment. We will taste and smell many familiar and exotic herbs, from spearmint to rooibos. Water, steeping containers and brew time will also be discussed.

$35 including supply fee

Sunday, April 28 1:00 to 4:00 PM

Feng Shui Astrology: Your Five-Element Personality—with Heather Carlton, Five-Element Feng Shui Practitioner and teacher/owner of Awakening Chi self-care products

Feng Shui Astrology, also known as 9 Star Ki, is an astrological system that uses your birth date and the Five elements to determine your personality (karma), emotional character and your outward behavior (energy). Feng Shui examines the movement of energy through space; Feng Shui Astrology has to do with the movement of energy through time. In this provocative class, using Five-Element Theory and examining the unique energy of each element (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal), participants will have a better understanding of personalities and behavior. Bring birth dates of family members and friends, as well as your own.

$40 Saturday, May 4— 1:00 to 4:00 PM

The Delights of Handmade Soaps—with Inger Land Genest, Herbalist & Medicine Maker

Ever read the label on a bar of soap and wondered what sodium laurel sulfate is? Ever wanted to make soap like the pioneers? Spend a few hours with Inger Genest and learn to make the most natural, best smelling, moisturizing soap in the world . . . Soap made by your own two hands with all natural ingredients. Only vegetable oils and pure essential oils will be used. Participants will go home with approximately 1 lb. of soap. We will be using lye (sodium hydroxide), so it is best if children under 15 not attend. Limited to 12 students.

$50 includes all supply fees

Saturday, May 18— 1:00 to 5 PM

Herbal Medicine Making Basics—with Inger Land Genest

Develop and heighten your sensory tastes and olfactory acuity with Inger as she teaches you the health benefits that can be found in ten herbs—dandelion, burdock, peppermint, ginger, licorice, red clover, ginseng, elderflower, raspberry leaf and meadowsweet. Learn the skills for making infusions, decoctions, tinctures, syrups, capsules and a basic herbal ointment, using one or a combination of the herbs listed above.

$37 includes all supply fees

Sunday, June 9—1:00 to 4 PM


A Steamy, Sultry Ayurvedic Summer — with Glynnis Osher

Bring your appetites to experience the land of the Vedas with Glynnis . . . summer chutneys, *gomasalas, breakfast grains, smoothies . . . Cool the fire, enliven the water and calm the air doshas—spicy and sweet, cooling and balancing. Get ready for a mélange of enticing and wholesome summer kitchen secrets based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

Watch for dates and details at Samara Botane

Other Classes and Events at Samara Botane—April—May—June:

Aromatherapy for Beginners with Ingrid Martin, Saturday, April 6 call 206.465.4868

Tina Caperilli—Shiatsu Weekend, Fri Apr 12, Sat Apr 13, Sun Apr 14 call 206.297.1230

Past Life Regression Therapy with Dominique Glaub, Tuesday, May 7  call 206.387.8384

Workshop and Free Psychic Readings with Faiye Mills, April 27 call 206.516.2498 or 206.860.9181

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NEW! Certified Organic Citrus Essential Oils from Florida

We are pleased to have a rewarding new relationship with a small certified organic citrus growers cooperative in Florida. This small cooperative provides the ultimate in cold-pressed Citrus oils, always pure and freshly extracted:

As an introductory offer, 15 ml each of:

Lime peel Citrus x aurantifolia,

Lemon peel Citrus x limonum

Pink Grapefruit peel Citrus x paradisi

Sweet Orange peel Citrus sinensis

Gift Packaged




Aromatherapists Continue To Provide Help for New York Rescue Workers

Samara Botane is proud to be a part of an ongoing program that provides massage, aromatherapy and stress relief to rescue and construction workers continuing the arduous tasks in the rubble of the World Trade Center. Along with other small aromatherapy companies, we have provided products to be used by massage practitioners organized by CERMT a group organized under the 14 team North Carolina Critical Incident Stress Management Advisory Council, and the United Aromatherapy Effort (UAE) which coordinates product donations for use by volunteer massage therapists.

Samara Botane is raising funds to ’adopt a fire station’ which means we need to raise $500, to be used to provide diffusers and aromatics for the treatment and prevention of the increasing and alarming rise of respiratory symptoms and diseases among those firefighters continuing the rescue and cleanup effort. We have placed a donation jar in the shop for that purpose. Please show the generosity of the Seattle Wellness Community and be sure when you contribute to add your name to the registration that will be sent to the station along with our support. A detailed flyer and collection jar is available at the shop.

You can find out more about this exciting and heart-warming project at:


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Ledum palustre spp: groenlandicum

Marsh Tea

Pectoral, Expectorant, Diuretic



    We know you’ve all been waiting for that blending bar! It’s not a myth, it really will be finished and up and running by late Spring. There have been other hurdles to overcome for us, including the construction of a new office and manufacturing space so we can meet the growing demand for our lovely products. This phase is just about completed and we can again turn our attention to finishing the blending bar and bulk herb selections.

Also, look for new Big Dipper Candles, beeswax, scented with pure essential oils in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  You will be enamored with the lovely silver lidded dram perfume bottle necklaces in a variety of designs and colors, AND new perfume bottles from Czechoslovakia.

Look for lovely bulk soaps to purchase by the ounce soon, including an exquisite French Clay & Geranium, lovely Lavender & Comfrey, a nice masculine Forest blend as well as a super-fatted Shea Butter soap. Our lovely Rose Geranium soap, hydrosol and lotion gift pack is now a #1 best seller for the mature woman.


The new Aromatherapy Today is in—with an extensive oil profile on Geranium Oil—weren’t we just talking about that?



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