Living in Harmony with Nature: Our Ecological Philosophy

We Believe that . . .

The owners of Samara Botane believe that our world needs our help to reverse the negative affects created in the past several decades. Increases in our population and changes in our technology have led to global climate disruption and social, political, and environmental upheavals. Without prompt action by the human inhabitants of our planet to change our ways, it is likely human civilization will not survive.  Certainly we need to curb our appetite for non-sustainable resources and work towards better conditions for all Earth’s inhabitants. Although group action by governments and non-governmental organizations will be important to accomplishing the changes that must be made, individuals and corporations are key to the transformation of our planet into a sustainable and survivable milieu:  In short, we strive to become Organic, Sustainable, Fossil Fuel Free and Humane in all our endeavors.

We know that the changes needed cannot happen instantly, but we are doing what we can to transform ourselves and to encourage others to adopt lifestyles and living environments that will help our planet to survive. We believe that if all of us adopt the vision and take the steps necessary to transform our worldwide society to one that is truly organic, sustainable, humane and fossil fuel free that all of us can have fruitful, peaceful lives.

Accordingly, we have taken the following actions to help do our part:

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  • We have invested in adequate insulation and construction practices to minimize the use of energy in our company facilities and in our personal residence.

  • We heat and cool using natural ventilation whenever we can.

  • We purchase Green Power from our local electric utility that is generated by wind power.

  • We use all natural ingredients in our products; wild crafted or organic when possible, and ethically grown in all cases.

  • We use recyclable packaging whenever possible.

  • We ship retail orders via the US Postal Service, using recycled or recyclable packaging, and with carrier pickup to minimize fuel use.

  • We print all educational and promotional materials and price lists double-sided, use 100% recycled paper, and recycle all our paper products by shredding for packing material.

  • We combine our vehicle trips, pickups and deliveries to minimize mileage.

  • We participate in Trees for the Future and plant one tree for each order we ship.

  • We are members of The Institute for Science in Society and Union of Concerned Scientists and promote their goals of an organic, sustainable, fossil fuel free world.

  • We believe in the fair trade movement and are working with the Fair Trade Federation towards obtaining certified fair traded essential oils and other ingredients for our products.  We also support the Fair Trade Resource Network.

  • We promote the safety of our products by using only natural ingredients - no synthetics - and meeting stringent safety guidelines. We inform our customers in myriad ways that promote the safe use of our products and provide extensive information about natural aromatic ingredients that are potentially unsafe. We believe, however, that safety considerations should be based on solid evidence of experts in the field and not on the whims of bureaucrats.

  • We support 100% transparency with respect to ingredients; we list all our ingredients, including natural fragrance components on our website, on our website and in printed materials.

  • We host and contribute to the aromaconnection blog, a group blog of dedicated researchers in the world of aromatics, bringing you the latest information on current trends and concerns.  You’ll also find tips and information for your personal fair trade support at the wingedseed blog. You will also see developing, informative articles in our Resources section.

Please consider joining and supporting the organizations and group efforts listed on our Community page.



“ We know that the changes needed cannot happen instantly, but we are doing what we can to transform ourselves and to encourage others to adopt lifestyles and living environments that will help our planet to survive. ”

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