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March 2010 Newsletter

Beautiful, bright and lively new Peppermint essential oil, certified organic from India.  This fabulous, strong smelling peppermint is reminiscent of Mitcham with slight green notes. Rare to find such an excellent Indian peppermint and certified organic, too!  You won't believe the price.

$7   15 ml dropper bottle



We still have our wonderful aromatic vetiver fans,  at the same low price. If you haven't seen these before, they are woven fans made from fragrant vetiver grass. Spritz with water and you have a dreamy, cooling portable air conditioner. Stock up for summer on the patio or beach.

$3    8" Vetiver Fan

Skin: The Living Barrier, Part I

In Leonardo’s time, scientists of his caliber rarely considered the skin to be anything more than a decorative covering, necessitating removal to study the more fascinating parts underneath.  Today, most of us know that our skin is our largest organ and serves as armor to protect all those precious inner parts.  To the naked eye, the skin doesn’t appear to be complex or interesting, and before the invention of the microscope in the 17th century we really didn’t understand how it works.

Now, we can see how intricate the skin actually is, along with the vital role it plays. 

Read more here.

Changing weather can cause skin inflammation and dryness.  If you're getting ready to be outdoors more, working in your garden, or exercising and playing as days get warmer and sunnier, we've got simple, natural ideas and products that will add healing, emollient protection for your skin, and keep it soft and supple even in the harshest outdoor conditions.  Following are tried and true simple recipes to have on hand when at the ball field, playing frisbee golf, at the beach, camping, or spending fruitful days planting and tending your garden. You can even make a great travel kit. You'll be thrilled with your own creativity, and especially by the money you can save for more important summer fun!

The following products will not provide protection from uv rays while out in the sunshine. However, we have perhaps unnecessarily avoided sun exposure, perhaps to our detriment because of fear of skin cancer. Dr. Mercola turns many myths upside-down with this informative article.  Sunshine is good for us; we absorb necessary vitamin D while being exposed to sunlight, and researchers now believe from 20 minutes to 2 hours is necessary during mid-day sun, depending on your skin pigmentation. Sun exposure can actually reduce your chance of skin cancer, not increase it.  Make sure skin is covered lightly and wear a hat to keep direct sun off your face after your personal limits have been reached, especially in late afternoon sun.

Here are a few simple ingredients you will want to have on hand to make your own healing and protective products for your family's skin protection and comfort.  (Click through to read product details and view prices.)

Base Ingredients:

     Meadowfoam Seed Oil

     Aloe Vera Gel

     Calendula Infused Oil

     Rosehip Seed Oil

An excellent additive is Amaranth Seed CO2 Extract for its 8% squalene content, vitamin E Complex and essential omega-6 fatty acid. This is an extra benefit for mature or more sensitive skin.

You may want to substitute Rosehip Seed CO2 Organic Extract for the solvent extracted refined Rosehip Seed Oil.

Some people also prefer the thicker Aloe Vera Gelle, however I like to use the liquid Aloe Vera Gel in a spritzer with a few additional healing additives and ingredients, such as Lavender, Chamomile and Rosalina essential oils for addressing immediate relief for sun or wind burn, or cooling the skin when overheated.

If you want to make a salve or more protective skin or lip balm, you will need Beeswax Prills (Yellow Natural) to thicken your product and add additional protective wax. Shea Butter is also a nice additive for solid skin protection and healing salves.


Protective Oil for All Skin Areas (including face):

This luxurious skin oil will add protection and emollient healing benefits while you are active in the outdoors, or rejuvenate and condition dehydrated skin after showering.  Simple to make and use. This recipe will make slightly under 14 oz.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil, 12 oz.

Calendula Infused Oil, 1/2 oz.

Rosehip Seed Oil, 1/2 oz.

Amaranth Seed CO2, 1/8 oz. (optional)

(You can add up to 10 drops of Blue Cypress, Lavender, Chamomile essential oils or a combination of any of them for additional, gentle aromatherapy healing.) Package in sturdy plastic bottles with flip-top cap for easy application.

To make a salve, gently heat oil blend with 1 oz. beeswax prills, stirring constantly to not burn until liquid, cool slightly, but keep as pourable liquid.  Add essential oils just before pouring in jars, cap and let sit until solid. You can adjust to your preference of solidness by adding or subtracting the amount of beeswax and/or shea butter.   

Quick Soothing Relief for Sunburn, Wind Burn, Poison Ivy, Oak or Sumac:

Add 7-10 drops of Lavender, Blue Cypress, Chamomile essential oils or a combination of any of them to Aloe Vera Gel (liquid) in a 8 oz. spritzer bottle.  Keep in cooler for additional cooling relief.


You’ll find about forty-five natural Samara Botane formulated skincare products, including our Healthy Skin Hydrosol, Facial Massage Oil, several Herbal Steams, unscented and wonderfully scented lotions in single notes and blends, our fabulous Rosewater Crème and Rose Luxurious Lip Balm (made with real rose otto and absolute).  Just click here.  Superior cleansing with our carefully crafted handmade soaps (bars and liquid) can be found here.

All of us at Samara Botane/Nature Intelligence wish you have a wonderful Spring Season!


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