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May 2010 Newsletter

I missed getting the May newsletter out for Mother's Day because I was busy welcoming our granddaughter Kaitlyn Mae Cumberledge into the world. She came a bit early (May 6) and took us all by surprise - wasn't expected until the end of May.  She stole our hearts the moment we laid eyes on her, as you can see me here, holding her for the first time at 20 hours old.  Her brother Caleb stayed with his Grandee and Poppa (me and Rob) while mommy (Rachel) and daddy (Kelly) were busy at the birthing center for 3 days. Troopers, they are! I wanted to share this, especially with all mothers and grandmothers, and especially because this will be my last grandchild; yet another touchstone for me. Nine is a nice number, don't you think? Each one has delighted, enlightened and infuriated. I smile a lot because of them.


To celebrate a belated Mother's Day, Spring finally arriving here in the Pacific Northwest and Kaitlyn's birth, we are including a lovely little crackle crystal potpourri dish on a wrought iron stand, filled with large salt crystals.  You can add a few drops of any one undiluted single absolute, essential oil or essential synergy to gently add healing aromatherapy to small room.  Lovely in a bathroom or guest bedroom. This $15 value, complimentary with any online order of $50 or more through May 31.

We now carry THE ESSENTIAL HERBAL , a nice bimonthly magazine creatively put together by Tina Sams and Maryanne Schwartz, two wonderfully wise and funny souls living the good life in rural Pennsylvania. Filled with delicious recipes, gardening and wisdom from those who dig their fingers in the soil, it's a potpourri of herbal voices for making soaps and other aromatic delights.  The current issue has a particularly interesting article on the Caribbean Islands.  Find it in the bookstore.

WATCHING YOUR CARBOHYDRATES?  Beware of food industry marketing lingo that makes it appear as if there are fewer carbohydrates than there actually are.  Many products are now labeled "Net Carbs" or "Impact Carbs", which sounds impressive, but it's just fabricated marketing hype to fool you. The FDA uses a calculation for determining carbohydrates in a given food by subtracting the weight (by grams) of protein, fat, water and ash from the total weight of the food.  The number is then listed on the food label as total carbohydrates.  Food manufacturers, however, subtract fiber, glycerin and sugar alcohols, which are forms of carbohydrates, to make it appear as if their foods contain less carbohydrates than they really do, according to FDA standards.  These unscrupulous food manufacturers even go further and suggest that their products don't raise blood sugar or fat storage, even though they do.  This could be dangerously misleading.

NEW IN THE APOTHECARY  The bulk of new supplies of aromatic ingredients won't be coming in until next month and late summer.  However, this new certified organic Peppermint Mentha piperita in India has knocked our socks off.  This lovely peppermint has a strong minty odor similar to that of the "Mitcham" coming out of England and less of the green backnotes we sometimes experience with our domestic peppermints and those from more southerly climes.  It is beautifully bright and lively, certain to please natural perfumers, aromatherapy and product makers alike. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the prices!

We have chanced upon superb artisan Salt Lamp crafters high in the Himalayas.  These lamps are Nature's own negative ion generators and can help create a clean, fresh air quality, as they reduce airborne pollution, smoke and dust. Negative ions are emitted by waterfalls, thunderstorms and the oceans. Now you can bring this natural phenomenon indoors!  Pictured is the hand-carved Pyramid Salt Lamp. Pyramids are a powerful reminder of what a person can do when one sets their mind. They are a deeply rooted symbol and archetype that represents accomplishment and overcoming obstacles.. You can harness the power of the Pyramid and use that ancient energy and wisdom in your daily meditation routine while enjoying the benefits of air purification whenever it is engaged.  You'll get an announcement showing the wonderful array of different styles and sizes. Staff is working on getting the web pages loaded with the lovely choices of Himalayan Salt Lamps we will have for you soon. 

Closeout We're discontinuing our current stock of aromatherapy jewelry, and we will be updating choices with some exciting new finds.  All Jeffrey David sterling silver bottle necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and the lovely green or cobalt dram bottles with sterling silver caps are now 35% off while supplies last.  Enter NL510AJ35 in the discount code of your online order. 

LET'S GET PHYSICAL   It's the season to shake off the lethargy and get more active. All studies show that people who exercise regularly feel more confident and capable.  They are able to better handle life's challenges than those who don't.  Yet, only 15% of Americans work out on a regular basis.  Here's a few tips to help you stick to your resolve to keep exercising.

(1) Have Fun!  Ayurvedic practitioners suggest that exercise should be enjoyable and suited to your nature, and always feel comfortable.  Choose an activity that inspires you; something you will do day after day because you love it. Whether it's dancing, a treadmill in the gym or riding horses . . . Do It!

(2) Reconnect with Your Center. Many of us can't seem to jog without our Ipod or Walk-man.  Again, Ayurvedic wisdom urges us to be embodied when we exercise; to clear our minds of extraneous influences and stresses.  When you are grounded in your body, you're less likely to injure yourself.  So, leave the distractions behind and pay attention.  Listen to your body. Are your shoulders relaxed? Are you breathing comfortably through your nostrils.  Knees hurting? When your mind and body are content and you are attending to the present, you're on the right track. Sense the rhythm of your feet on the pavement, the birds singing and wind whispering; glitter of the rising sun through the trees. This connects you to Nature, to your source, and you'll get more out of your exercise..

(3) Practice Moderation. You will get the best from your exercise when you recognize your limits.  For most people, you will reach 50% of your capacity (what some call the breaking point) when sweat forms on your forehead, under the arms and along the spine. It is best to stop here.  Any exercise that causes discomfort or strain is considered harmful as it will give your body extra repair work.  Know your limits and don't overdo; it will only set you back and adversely affect your desire to continue.

Life is challenging as we move into this summer of 2010.  I'm holding uplifting and positive thoughts as we at Samara Botane continue working hard to provide aromatic stress relief and comfort to ease your mind and body. We love to hear from you; please email us with any special thoughts about our products and service.  We also welcome questions and requests.

Welcoming the Sun,


Samara Botane Dead Sea Salt is 100% pure, harvested from the Southern Dead Sea in Israel. Our Premium Dead Sea Salt is the only optically clean Dead Sea salt available anywhere. This unique process removes the insoluble matter that is typical of Dead Sea salt, making it the cleanest, most aesthetically-perfect Dead Sea salt on the market. It is perfect for using in spa treatments and for making therapeutic grade Dead Sea bath salts and scrubs. Superior for manufacturing uses and uniquely gentle for bathing purposes. Click here to view choices and prices.

Samara Botane Starter Kit includes 5 ml each: CEDARWOOD Cedrus atlantica, CYPRESS Supressus sempervirens, EUCALYPTUS Eucalyptus radiata, LAVENDER Lavendula angustifolia var. vera, MANDARIN TANGELO Citrus reticulata blanco, PALMAROSA Cymbopogon martinii, PEPPERMINT MITCHAM Mentha piperita, PINE Pinus sylvestris, ROSEMARY Rosmarinus officinalis ct. camphor, TEA TREE Melaleuca alternifolia  Still low price of $40. Due to increase in market, price will increase in July with new stock.


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