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Aromatherapy Pocket Inhaler, with pipette in plastic case

Aromatherapy Pocket Inhaler, with pipette in plastic case
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Load this Aromatherapy Pocket Inhaler with your favorite essential oil or blend, and carry it in your pocket or purse for ready availability.

A needle-nose pipette is included to facilitate loading essential oils into the inhaler.

Only one inhaler is included, with a pipette and instructions, in a plastic case.

If you have a preference, select a Color from the dropdown box. Otherwise we'll choose one at random.

Remove cap to fill. Use pipette to fill with 1 to 1-1/2 ml essential oil or essential oil synergy. The Aromatherapy Pocket Inhaler has a glass vial with a cotton pad for a long-lasting aromatherapy effect. Do not overfill.

To use, simply remove the cap and hold inhaler approximately 1/2 inch from your nose. Breathe deeply and enjoy!

The Aromatherapy Pocket Inhaler is great for stress therapy; cold and flu prevention; travel; calming aromatherapy for kids; as a sleep aid and much more!