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Welcome to the Samara Botane Apothecary Supplies Department. This is where you will find an extensive range of essential oils and other aromatic extracts. You'll also find a wide range of carriers and additives, hydrosols, dried botanicals, salts and clay. Look here for diffusers and other tools and accessories, as well as equipment, glassware, packaging, books and educational materials for your aromatherapy practice.

For expedited viewing, you can see all aromatic extracts, sorted alpha by common name and click to view up to 30 items on each page. Clicking on each sub-category gives you a specific list of absolutes, CO2 extracts, essential oils, etc. Within each category, you can control the size of your list.

You will find useful information about ingredients that will be helpful in not only determining the product quality but in learning about their source, uses, history, and safety considerations. Simply click on any item code to go to tab delineated pages with expanded useful information. Please note that as we launch, all information may not yet be complete. Please check back often to see what is being added.

Our resources section contains thoroughly researched facts, specifications and formulary for safe and effective use of all our apothecary supplies, as well as informative and useful articles surrounding the aromatic industry. Check in periodically, as it will be constantly improved and updated.

If you are looking for our manufactured ready-to-use aromatherapy products, please go to the SAMARA SPA category.

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