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Oil Diffusing Night Light, Floral Pattern 2

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code: 52073001


This Oil Diffusing Night Light plugs in to a standard electrical outlet. It is equipped with an on-off switch and uses a standard night-light bulb available at any local hardware store or supermarket (included).
Instructions for use:

1. Plug night light into an outlet at a location away from water and out of reach of children

2. Fill the top dish with water to about 80% full. Add several drops of your favorite essential oil or synergy blend.

3. Turn on the light and let the aroma from the oil fill the room in just minutes.

To replace light bulb:

1. Twist bottom switch portion counterclockwise to open.

2. Replace light bulb by turning counterclockwise.

3. Light bulb can be purchased at any local hardware store or supermarkets.


1. Night light will become hot during use; handle with care.

2. Avoid contacting plug with water to avoid electric shock.

3. To avoid spilling, unplug night light when oil content is low, or wipe dry before removing.