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Perfume Test Strips, Package of 100

Perfume Test Strips, Package of 100
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Perfume Test Strips, 6" long x 1/4" wide with redlines for measuring. Perfume Tester Strips are the best way to analyze odor quality and intensity for any essential oil, absolute or custom blend of aromatic ingredients. 100 each packaged in a glassine bag.

From Orlandi, a manufacturer of fine tragrance testing papers. Produced to strict and proprietary standards, these papers exhibit superior absorption and retention characteristics and provide the consistent standard for fragrance evaluation.

Do not store close to aromatic materials as the strips will absorb odor molecules. Best kept in tightly closed glassine bag away from essential oils.

These are also referred to as perfume test paper, perfume tester strips, fragrance testing papers, scent strips, or fragrance test strips.

Dip a perfume test strip into a bottle of essential oil or fragrance material. Remove the strip, letting the excess drip back into the bottle. Or you can put a drop of oil on the end of a perfume test strip.

To determine dryout or to compare several different oils, you can write the source on one end of a strip and place the Perfume Tester Strips in one of our Tester Strip Holders.