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Clay, Green Mineral, Powder, 6 oz from France

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French Green Clay is a nonswelling clay with healing properties. Rich in minerals and active enzymes. Stimulates circulation of blood and lymph and will draw toxins and superfluous fat from the skin.

French Green Clay acts like a sponge, removing impurities and contaminents from the skin, which can invigorate the complexion and tighten up the pores.

French green clay is derived naturally from volcanic clays from southern France. Mineralogically, it is an illite clay, as distinguished from kaolinite clays and smectite clays. French green clays also include minerals such as montmorillonite and dolomite. The green color comes from decomposed plant matter combined with iron oxides.

There are reports of antibacterial effects from the use of clays.

Using a wooden or glass spoon, in a non-metallic container, mix 1 Tbsp. with water, hydrosol or infused herbal tonic to make a thin paste for face. Use larger amounts for full body mask. Spread the past thinly over the desired area (avoiding the eyes). Do not leave it on for more than ten minutes. Use more than once a week may cause skin irritation.

Pastes made from French green clay may promote the healing of minor skin irritations such as cuts, bruises, insects bites or stings, and minor burns.

1/2 cup of French green clay added to your bath can sooth sunburn or minor skin irritations or other skin problems.

Can be used as a cosmetic ingredient in face masks, scrubs, soap, bath soaks, facial cleansers, acne treatment products, bubble baths, moisturizers, or foot cleansers.

French green clay was used in Greece, Rome, and ancient Egypt to treat digestive disorders and skin problems.
Avoid getting in the eyes. We do not recommend internal use although it has been reported.

Do not leave it on for more than ten minutes. Use more than once a week may cause skin irritation due to dehydration of the skin.

French Green Clay is generally considred to be of low hazard.