Rosehip Seed Oil
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Latin Binomial: Rosa canina
Plant Part: Seed
Extraction: Solvent Extracted
Growing Practice: Ethical
Country of Origin: Chile

Solvent Extracted (Refined) Rosa mosqueta oil from Chile. See Uses tab for aromatherapy and skincare applications.

BioChemicals: gamma linoleic, linolenic acids; oleic acid, palmitic acid
CAS No: 84696-47-9/84603-93-0

Information about the Rosa species that exist in Chile is scarce. Rosa mosqueta is the common name used for at least three species [Rosa moschata, R. rubiginosa (= eglanteria) and R. canina] which are collected from the wild. Morphological differences are evident in the wild material indicating that more than one species and probably several subspecies and ecotypes have developed since introduction. A number of Rosa species from the family Rosaceae native to southern Europe and North Africa were introduced to Chile by Spanish colonizers. These species are now widely distributed in Chile from Santiago (33°S) to Aisen (45°S) and from sea level to 2000 m (Navas 1976; Hoffmann et al. 1992). Chile annually exports between 3600 to 4500 t of dehydrated rosehips to Europe. Rose hips are the enlarged floral cups (receptacles) which surround numerous small, hard dry fruits (achenes) commonly called seeds. Rose hips are bright orange and oval and become fleshy but are not true fruits.
Aromatherapy: Rosehip seed oil is a nutritive additive for aromatherapy skincare products, including facial massage oils. It can be used as a typical everyday treatment to assist recovery and diminish minor scars from surgery or wounds. Excellent as an additive in products formulated for dry, chapped, cracked or scaling skin or skin prone to inflammation and dehydration from sun and wind or excessive air filtering. Mixes well with shea butter, any fixed oil and is especially effective added with meadowfoam. Rosehip oil contains vitamin A to slow skin aging, assist cell regeneration and increase collagen and elastin levels for healthy youthful skin. With high levels of fatty acids (47+%) and linolenic acids (33+%), it helps speed skin regeneration and can help prevent formation of keloid scar tissue. Also contains vitamin E and essential fatty acids, important skin nutrients. Use at 2% to 25% dilution in skin formulas. Rosehip seed oil has antiseptic properties because of the high concentration of vitamin C and Tretinoin (trans-retinoic acid) that may help prevent premature aging, minimize wrinkles and reduce stretch marks.

Perfumery Not used in perfumery.

Keep Refrigerated. For External Use Only. Not recommended for acne or on very oily skin.

The information provided on these pages is not a substitute for necessary medical care, nor intended as medical advice. Always keep carriers and bases tightly closed and in a cool, dark place, out of reach of children. If redness or irritation occurs when applied to the skin, stop using immediately and contact your health provider if necessary.

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