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Sage Smudge Bundle, Small

Sage Smudge Bundle,   Small
quantity in basket: none
code: 22014001


Our handmade smudge bundles are lovingly made by Michael Rose who travels the West coast, wildcrafting with the seasons. Michael is a spiritual elf, always bringing a peaceful ambiance when he visits with his new creations. Sometimes he would sit on the bench in front of our shop, tying and wrapping bundles, singing and humming quietly as he worked. Invariably, passers by would be drawn to his grounded presence and engage in conversation. Sometimes, when he hadn't come for a while, customers would ask about him and ask us to send their good wishes when we connected with him again. His smudge bundles carry his bright spirit; each is unique and different. In the winter, expect them to be made of botanicals from California and Southern Oregon; in the warmer months, he will collect and prepare each using botanicals from Washington and Canada. Michael is our special forest elf and a fine crafter-poet.