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Latin Binomial: Angelica sinensis
Plant Part: Root
Extraction: Absolute
Growing Practice: Ethical
Country of Origin: China


The absolute is produced from root material by solvent extraction, is a pale orange-brown slightly viscous liquid with a similarity to A. archangelica absolute.

Odor characteristic: Strong woody-balsamic, slightly fruity base note, reminding slightly of Myrrh and celery. Dry out is leathery, faintly smoky with an apricot note.

CAS No: 8015-64-3

About the Plant

This fragrant perennial plant from the Apiaceae family comes to us primarily from China.
Perfumery: Long known as a woman's herb, the root has been used for over a thousand years as a spice and tonic herb. The absolute is a relative newcomer to the perfumer's palate, however, it promises to bring a unique character to perfumes.

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