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Melissa Gift Pack

Melissa Gift Pack
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Melissa Gift Pack Special 1 ml each: Melissa officinalis

Melissa off. Absolute

2 ml Melissa officinalis CO2

According to folklore, a plant's shape holds clues to its uses for the human body. Thus, the heart-shaped leaves of Lemon Balm make one surmise it is good for the heart. We all know that it is the scant quantity of the precious oil obtained by extraction that makes Melissa so expensive. But, for healing rejuvenation, it is unsurpassed and used for centuries - the lemon-scented, mood elevating properties rejuvenating body and spirit since Carmelite nuns created "Klosterfrau Melissengeist" (Nun's Balm Spirits) in 1611 as a tonic for heart problems. Packaged as described above, this eye-popping red flowered pouch is sure to cheer any mother.

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