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Contact:             Marcia Elston                                                                  RELEASE DATE: Nov 16, 2009

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SAMARA BOTANE/nature intelligence is pleased to announce the launch of our newest online aromatic apothecary, with state of the art design, simplicity and convenience. The secure storefront shopping cart, powered by MIVA, is easily navigated by cascading categories and sub-categories, with abundant tabbed product information.  Apothecary customers will quickly find valuable data about essential oil quality and safe use specific to each aromatic extract, along with links to related products in their pursuit of quality ingredients to make handmade wellness and spa products.


This innovative website contains an ever-growing body of documented research covering the history of aromatic and medicinal plant use up through modern aromatherapy.  It is designed to serve consumers and professionals alike, effectively explaining chemical constituents, individual plant characteristics and safety issues surrounding aromatics and other natural ingredients. The resource section is dedicated to family wellness formulae, intended to empower customers in creating beauty and spa products at home without guesswork about ingredients, proportions or applications. Natural perfumers will find expert evaluation of natural perfume ingredients on the product pages and helpful information for their craft in the Resource section as the website grows.


Customers looking for exquisite bath and beauty products and aromatic gifts will enjoy a visit to the Samara Spa to find thoughtfully formulated ready to use natural products. 


The folks at Samara Botane have been importing quality essential oils and natural ingredients from around the world for almost twenty years; they’ve operated two brick and mortar apothecary/learning centers and bring years of education and expert knowledge in aromatic ingredient production, marketplace, aromatherapy, natural perfumery and herbal medicine.


The grand opening launch on November 16 will feature a treasure hunt with a 1st prize of $100 gift certificate, two 2nd prizes of $50 gift certificate and over 35 additional product giveaways. Guests will be given clues to find hidden elements which will reveal a way to register for the gifts. Additionally, all visitors will receive a 15% discount during the month of November.



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