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Table of Contents

Newsletters 1998-2009

Spring 2000 - Volume 1 Issue 1

This has been reformated to fit this page, and new bonus material left out of the original paper newsletter has been added. There is a link to a PDF copy presented in its original formatting and style (without links).

  • Rare Medicinal Herbs & Aromatic plants for the garden
  • Distillation Workshops July-August
  • Dr. Bruce Berkowsky Aromatherapy Protocol
  • Featured Oil: Blue Cypress (Callitris intratropica)
  • AromaBotany with Dr. Keith Shawe, August 19-21
  • Bonus Material: Rosemary Herb of the Year in 2000 with recipes
  • Live current links to products in our store.

Fall-Winter 2001 - Volume 2 Issue 1

  • Creating Abundance in troubled times
  • Use Essential Oils for Beating Stress
  • Holiday Classes and Events
  • What's New at Samara Botane?

Spring 2002 - Volume 3 Issue 1

  • Tub Therapy for Body, Mind and Soul
  • Spring Detoxification for Vigor and Health
  • Spring Class Schedules
  • What's New at Samara Botane?

Fall 2002 - Volume 3 Issue 2

  • Healthy Hormones: Balancing Menopause the Natural Way
  • When the Sun Goes Away: Tips to Keep your Spirit Bright
  • Classes & EVENTS
  • Natural Skin Care Recipes
  • What's New at Samara Botane?
  • New Essential Oils

Summer 2003 Vol 4 Issue 2

  • Healthy Immunity: Limiting the Risk of Viral and Bacterial Infection
  • Summertime: The Perks and the Pests
  • New Essential Oils and Hydrosols

Recent Newsletters

November 2009

  • Announcing the launch of our new website

Valentines 2010

March 2010

  • Certified Organic Peppermint Oil
  • Vetiver Fans
  • Skin: the Living Barrier Part I
  • Recipes
  • In the Samara Spa

May 2010

  • Welcoming Kaitlyn
  • Crystal Potpourri Dish
  • The Essential Herbal
  • Watching your Carbohydrates?
  • New in the Apothecary
  • Aromatic jewelry closeout
  • Let's Get Physical
  • Dead Sea Salt
  • Samara Botane Starter Kit

Memorial Day 2010

  • Honoring the Fallen: Memorial Day
  • Rose Water Creme
  • Lavender Lotion

August 2010 Special

  • Special Notice about the proposed Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010

September 2010

  • Happy Fall Season
  • Flat Out Wrong
  • Perfumers Corner: Featured Ingredient Cepes Absolute

November 2010

  • Announcing our Black Friday Sale with 25% off on Aromatic Extracts and Diffusers.

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