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Samara Botane June 2011 News and Specials

That was May? 

Here in the Pacific NW, we have experienced record cold and horrendous rain deluges, leaving those of us who garden confused and bewildered.  Our travails pale in comparison to some of you.  We are deeply saddened by the extreme storms affecting the middle part of the country and send our hopes for a quick and complete recovery.  It is becoming apparent that the urgency to respond to Climate Change by addressing CO2 emissions and creating sustainable energy systems is growing. We realize we have many other urgent problems to address as well, however, this needs to rise to the top of our national agenda. Those of us involved in the natural products industry are especially keen to the greater affects worldwide as we see more crop failures and plants in the wild suffer from excess rain and flooding or drought.  Not only will this affect prices (not good when the economy requires you spend your money wisely), it could decimate some of our wonderful essential oils and plant extracts into oblivion.  It may seem that these extreme storm events are not connected, and we have the problem of resistance from a segment of our political body who deny the scientific community that supports the facts established by decades of research.  We respectfully ask you to join to support the urgency to act in all of our best interests and the future of our planet. We at Samara Botane will be doing our part to help keep you apprised so that you can weigh in to help press forward to make the necessary changes for the future. This recent interview with Bill McKibben of is our first installment to bring you thoughtful information to consider.

Protect and Rejuvenate Your Skin While Losing Weight

If you are among the many people looking to shed a few pounds at this time of year, here are a few tips to help improve blood flow to, retain elasticity and nourish your skin.  If you are coping with sagging skin because of weight loss greater than 40 pounds, these suggestions can help improve skin tonality over time, however, do not expect immediate results.  Consider how long it took you to accumulate the excess weight; it will take up to two years or more to restore healthy skin after a large loss of weight, and the older you are the longer it will take.  And, when you reach your goal weight, your body fat percentage may still be high. Reducing body fat and replacing it with muscle is important.  Work with a professional trainer to design your optimum age- and health-appropriate exercise plan. 

  • Diet is extremely important for healthy skin. Eating raw food such as cucumber, tomato, olives and coconut can mark an improvement in your skin's elasticity. Vitamin A is especially important to help block cancer formation and for general maintenance and repair, and will be found in a good daily supplement which includes the necessary B vitamins, C and E.  Adding seaweed to your diet provides important minerals and antioxidants for skin.
  • Sufficient water is imperative.  Drink at least 6-8 full glasses per day.
  • Exfoliate your skin daily to encourage removal of dead skin cells. Doing this each day will stimulate your skin's circulation which should help in tightening skin up.  A natural loofah or natural bristle brush is excellent for a dry skin brushing treatment.  Dr. Berkowsky's Vital Chi Skin Brushing System is an excellent protocol to re-establish skin functionality. 
  • Treat yourself to a hot hour-long bath once or twice a week. While the bath is being drawn, add 1/2 lb of pure sea salt to the water and allow it to dissolve. Besides relaxing your body and muscles, it will draw toxins out of your skin and will improve your overall skin tone. 
  • Indulge in a full body massage several times a month, using nourishing fixed oils such as sweet almond oil, fractionated coconut oil or olive oil.  Adding specific fixed oil nutrients, such as rosehip seed CO2, calophylum oil (foraha or tamanu) and amaranth CO2 in small amounts will provide additional skin rejuvenating benefits. Inform your massage therapist that you are looking for techniques that will help restore skin elasticity and function.
  • Always moisturize after bath or shower with a rich body lotion. This is best done while your skin is slightly damp.  Essential oils especially good to address loose, unhealthy skin that can be added include: Rosemary which has astringent properties and is said to improve blood flow and skin elasticity; Frankincense which is especially good for mature skin and carrot seed which is is high in beta-carotene and vitamin A. Carrot seed oil promotes detoxification and can assist with collagen formation.
  • You can give yourself an excellent facial massage with skin-rejuvenating oils.  Our Facial Massage Oil is blended for all skin types and comes with complete instructions for a self-massage to firm and tone your face and neck. 

Aromatherapy News and Specials

Hemp Essential Oil:  We are following the buzz surrounding the recent interest in Hemp essential oil in massage treatment and topical natural wellness products. With a dozen or more states moving forward with legislation that supports and protects small medical marijuana dispensaries, and three bills introduced in Congress, supported by Democrats and Republicans alike, it appears that Cannibis sativas is finally getting the attention it deserves as a medical herb. We have heard from a large number of massage therapists using aromatherapy who are now seeking to provide benefit from the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of the essential oil for their clients topically. We have added new information to our product listing for Hemp Essential Oil and we're offering it this month at special discount to our newsletter readers.  Enter Coupon Code HEM62011 to receive 20% discount on this item through June 30.  We appreciate your sharing experiences, details and results using this product with us; we will add your comments to the information on the website to expand information for others.

Calma Essential Oil Synergy: The stress just keeps on coming , doesn't it?  This month, we are featuring our most popular calming and relaxing essential oil synergy.  This versatile product has now been in our toolbox for over 15 years and is by far the first choice by massage professionals for addressing conditions like fatigue and insomnia in aromatherapy massage, as well as by you at home looking to de-stress your family.  The well-balanced combination of  essential oils high in esthers and linalools that comprise Calma Essential Oil Synergy are tried and true to calm anxiety, worry and stress.  This product is safe for children and the elderly in the proper dilution, as well as for all ages and genders. Use it in an aromatherapy diffuser, in the bath, add it to lotion or massage oil. Great in a pocket inhaler or dropped on a tissue to use throughout the day.  Calma Essential Oil Synergy  You can also save on our convenient, ready-to-use Calma Aromatherapy Lotion and Calma Eye PillowEnter Coupon Code CAL62011 and take 20% off any of these items through June 30.

You can also take 20% off: Lavender angustifolia eo PNW blend, Sweet Marjoram essential oil and Frankincense CO2. Enter Coupon Code LMF62011 for discount.

Perfumers Corner

Congratulations to indie natural perfumer Mandy Aftel for entree into this year's FiFi Awards.

Honey (Beeswax) Absolute Pourable  We're not absolutely sure, but we think we are the only supplier offering this easy to use product for indie perfumers.  It is a completely fluid liquid which makes it a dream to work with, especially in alcohol-based perfumes and is soluble in both alcohol and fixed oil. Most beeswax absolute on the market is quite viscous.  Although most of us use the Latin binomial Apis melifera, that is the name of the bee species that produces the wax with bits of honey that is extracted so it does not relate to the actual product and is somewhat of a misnomer. While the odor characteristics are influenced greatly by what pollen the bees collect in the region they are located, generally Honey/Beeswax absolute is mild, sweet oily odor with hay-like or coumarinic backnotes.  This product is slightly darker (I think slightly muskier/smokier) than most.  It is a suitable bridge note or modifier for a blend containing several similar notes, and it can lend a subtle honey-like character when used in greater percentages.  The process of extracting to get the pourable consistency is proprietary to our producer, but it involves the specific extraction method and this product has no additional chemicals added. We're offering Honey Absolute Pourable in our smaller sizes (5 and 10ml) this month at 20% discount to help ease your pocketbook. Enter Coupon Code HON62011 at checkout. You can also purchase this ingredient diluted 10% in fractionated coconut oil or 10% in certified organic perfumer's grain alcohol, convenient and affordable to begin experimenting with new perfume blends. 

See you next month!


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