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 I live east of Snohomish, Washington, near Panther, Flowing and Storm Lakes in the community at one time known as Three Lakes. This is a rural low population density area in the lower Cascade Foothills.

For several years I was into listening to Air America (now dead) and other Liberal Talk Radio.  I still listen, now via WCPT in Chicago on TuneIn Radio on my smartphone. Check out my Schedule/Link/Review Site for information on how to listen to these programs at off-normal times. Since 2011 or so I've added additional material about global warming and other stuff.

I used to work at the Boeing plant in Everett, Washington, where I was an equipment reliability engineer maintaining and analyzing equipment used in making the 747 and other Boeing planes. I retired from that in August 2007.

I now do computer work and other work for my wife's aromatherapy and wellness business, Samara Botane , which manufactures and sells herbal and essential oil aromatherapy products. As of 2013, I've been working hard on updating our web site.

We also have a site for Samara Fine Arts, featuring a collection of limited edition lithographs by William E. Elston. (April 8, 1998) [As of November 2009 this site is temporarily inactive.]

I used to be the Webmaster of the Cave Conservation and Management Section of the National Speleological Society.

I've also done a home page for the 1997 Cave and Karst Symposium (National Cave Management Symposium), for which I was the U.S. Co-Chairman.

I was also the publisher of the Section Newsletter The Cave Conservationist for many years.  Many of the issues I published are posted on the Web.  As of the last issue of 1997 (published in the summer of 1998) I have turned the publication over to a new editor  in order to have time to work on other projects.  She has published several issues already.  For a sample issue, contact her via e-mail.  A new editor has volunteered (as of April 2003) and will start putting out additional issues soon.

I was also the webmaster of the NSS Human Sciences Section , and used to edit the Section Newsletter, People Underground which comes out once in a while and is also posted on the Web.

I publish a sometimes evolving Cave Song Fake Book which is available in printed form and is now available on the Web.

Rob in Marengo Cave ExitHere I am emerging from the wild section of Marengo Cave, in Indiana after the 1995 National Cave Management Symposium.

Sometimes I actually get time to play and listen to Folk Music .  Memorial Day Weekend I always attend the Northwest Folklife Festival at Seattle Center, instead of going caving.

Lately I'm into listening to streaming audio, particularly Celtic.  You can find a lot of Celtic streams on Live365 by searching for celtic, as this link does.  There are at least 20,000 streams (stations) out there on the Internet, and there are a lot more Celtic streams than, say, Norwegian or Swedish.  As of 2013, I mostly listen to Live Ireland via TuneIn.

Recently, in 2020, I found a box of old casette tapes I made when I was playing in an Irish Music group Ragged Paddy (1978) and converted some of them to digital format.  I've posted a long MP4 if you want to hear us (Click here for download)

In the early evening, you used to find me slaving over my computer updating some of my Web Pages, while listening to the Laura Lee Show and learning about the paradigm shift and things on the edge of modern knowledge.  [Laura Lee is currently on Vacation, so the show is not being done live right now]. I was a guest on the show on May 27 (1999) and prepared a link page for show listeners, which I occasionally update with new relevant information. An Audio Archive of the show is apparentlly no longer available--click on May 27 if this link works.  I've also added some links for Michael Ray Taylor, who appeared on the show on June 5, 1999.  In case you're missing this show on the airways, it has now moved exclusively to the Internet, and is still going as of August 2013.

I also enjoy looking at art exhibitions both on and off line. One you might like to check out is William E. Elston .   Another is Keven Furiya. Or check out two of Bill Elston's lithographs that are available for purchase from Samara Fine Arts.

I've also posted a compendium of STITT family genealogy information.  It's still under construction, however.  It has been updated slightly in July 2013 to reflect my cousin Lawrence Stitt's death. He was the compiler of most of the data on that page.

In private life, (whatever that is) I have three stepdaughters, 7 grandchildren, one sister, one nephew, two cats, two guitars, a banjo, a fiddle and a bunch of pennywhistles.  One of my daughter's SO (not a caver) penned this view of me for a birthday card one year:  Happy BatDayMy grandson Aslan used to play in White Rabbit, but now is in Honey.Moon.Tree and released a new Album (March 2014) which you can purchase online via the link.

My oldest grandaughter Audra has a website at Gabber-Princess.  My Oldest Grandson Aslan has a website for his band Honey.Moon.Tree, (mentioned above) which I maintain for him.

Or you might find me out there exploring the rest of the web, blogging on the aromaconnection blog or on DailyKos, La Vida Locavore, or other blogs.

If you'd like to get hold of me, or provide some feedback on this page or some of the others, then send mailto: .

In memoriam - Frank Reid 1947-1998

In Memoriam - George Huppert 1945 - 2001

Why is this page black? Well, it's actually because I like it that way, and as a caver I see it as a metaphor for finding my way into the light.

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