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Lithographs by William E. Elston

Samara Fine Arts is pleased to offer two lithographs by William E. Elston, Seattle figurative artist, on the theme "Contemporary Games."  Two each images, one-color on Arches Buff (100% rag French paper), 27" x 40", hand pulled at on the largest stone at Stone Press (in Seattle) in an edition of 100 signed and numbered, with 10 artist's proofs.  About lithography.

frz-b.jpg (29804 bytes)
FRZ-B William E. Elston, 1987 27" x 40" Limited Edition of 100


24rob.tif (1045252 bytes)
Twentyfour Robbers William E. Elston, 1988 27" x 40" Limited Edition of 100


These Prints are available for $500 each plus shipping and handling, and sales tax where required (State of Washington 8.6%).  Shipping, insurance and handling charges are approximately $30 each single print.

Copyright 1987, 1998-9, 2015 by The Samara Co.

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