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We at Samara Botane are thankful for the blessings of family, friends and patrons who inspire us to get up every morning and do our best to provide superior aromatics and ingredients from around the world. We are ever hopeful that the strife and turmoil in our world will abate, bringing the calm that will make our jobs easier and more rewarding for those growers and producers we rely on who are threatened by unrest and terror on a daily basis.

We take this time to reflect and be thankful as well as diligent to contribute to create a better world. The focus of our tithing over the next several months will be to the Growing Warriors Project, a program to train, assist, and equip veteran families with the skills, tools, and supplies needed to grow high quality naturally grown produce for their families, their communities, and their country.

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Rose Otto Gift Pack Special

Rose Otto Gift Bag 2 ml Rose otto, Bulgaria, 2006

In Bulgaria, the Queen of Flowers has been distilled for over 350 years from freshly picked Rosa damascena blossoms. Rose otto uses date back to the ancient civilizations of Persia, Asia, Greece, Rome and Egypt. Nicholas Culpeper wrote of the healing effects of the red rose to strengthen the heart, and the cooling, astringent actions when applied to the skin in dilution. This lovely rose otto is now aged to perfection and can be added to unscented lotion or cream or fixed oil to make a single-note perfume. Or, it can become another addition for perfume making. At $36, you won't find a better bargain for 2 mls of aged pure undulterated Rose Otto. Smartly packaged in a tiny hat box tucked into a beaded gift bag. Limited quantities, first come first served. Click here to purchase.

Rose - Tuberose Gift Bag

1 ml each: Rose otto, Bulgaria, 2006, Rose Ruh Gulab 2004, Tuberose Absolute

Both of the roses are rare and precious aged essences of a quality rarely found in the marketplace today and the Tuberose absolute is divine. Packed in a tiny hat box tucked into a sequined or beaded drawstring bag, it's the perfect gift for a very lucky loved one. She can add a drop to a luxurious bath or unscented lotion . . . make an aromatic environmental spritzer . . . this exquisite gift will certainly reflect your love and admiration for any special person who appreciates fine aromatics. Nestled in a reusable tiny hat box, tucked into a sequined or beaded bag, unbelievably priced at $46 you won't believe your eyes.
Limited offer, while supplies last, click here to purchase.

Rose-Tuberose Gift Pack Special

Melissa Gift Pack Special

Melissa Gift pack Special

1 ml each: Melissa officinalis and Melissa off. Absolute and 2 ml Melissa officinalis CO2

According to folklore, a plant's shape holds clues to its uses for the human body. Thus, the heart-shaped leaves of Lemon Balm make one surmise it is good for the heart. We all know that it is the scant quantity of the precious oil obtained by extraction that makes Melissa so expensive. But, for healing rejuvenation, it is unsurpassed and used for centuries - the lemon-scented, mood elevating properties rejuvenating body and spirit since Carmelite nuns created "Klosterfrau Melissengeist" (Nun's Balm Spirits) in 1611 as a tonic for heart problems. Packaged as described above, this eye-popping red flowered pouch is sure to cheer. Already discounted low price of $45 - click here to purchase.

The Luxury Rose Gift Tote

The Luxury Rose Gift Tote

This is the ultimate indulgence and an excellent treat to create a luxurious spa experience at home. The ensemble includes:

Rose Assam Tea, 4 oz: A Classic Dark India Tea that is a Certified Organic ultrafine delicate tea w/ unsurpassed malty taste combined with organic rose petals emboldened w/ precious rose otto. Certified Fair Trade. Perfect blend for a special indulgence.

Rose Hydrosol, 4 oz: Produced by steam distillation, Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol smells like a fresh rose!
This elegant rose hydrosol is excellent for all skin types as a toner and added to lotions and creams.  Can be used to remove makeup,  cleanse, gently soothe and hydrate.  Mist for a cooling, uplifting pick up when you feel stressed.

Luxury Rose Fine Dead Sea Bath Salts, 24 oz: Treat yourself to a luxurious sensuous tub experience with the unsurpassed power of true rose. Add 1/4 to 1/2 cup to a warm bath. Soak up to 20 minutes. Rinse salt residue before applying crème or lotion. Ingredients: Fine Grade Dead Sea Salts, Organic Rose Petals (Rosa rugosa) infused with Rose Otto (Rosa damascena).

Rose Water Creme, 4 oz: Rose Water Creme is an organic Premium creme designed to hydrate and rejuvenate all skin types. Rose Water Creme is excellent for mature skin and safe for babies.   Naturally scented from the precious rose otto essential oil contained in the hydrosol, it needs no additional scenting.  It is an excellent, soothing skin regenerator, especially helpful for soothing and protecting after application of a healing astringent such as Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol toner.

Each item is individually wrapped in bright tissue paper and tucked into a large forest green tote. Priced at 20% off each individual item, this is an excellent gift at $61. Click here to purchase.

Calma Eye Pillow

CALMA™ Eye Pillow

Our CALMA™ Eye Pillow is therapeutically weighted to calm and soothe eyes, reduce headaches and promote rest and sleep. Filled with flax seed that is pre-infused with our Calma™ Essential Oil Synergy, it is aromatherapy at its best. Comes in a reusable container for storing your eye pillow when not in use to preserve the intensity of the aromatic synergy. It also comes with a refill vial of CALMA™ Essential Oil Synergy and directions to refresh and revive the scented flax seed. Each is made from sturdy, but soft 100% cotton, featuring a lovely flower pattern representing one of our state flowers, with a head strap to help keep secure throughout the night. Affordably priced at $25 - click here to purchase.


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