Frosty Forest Synergy
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FROSTY FOREST™ Synergy Blend is a simple blend of two important conifers that evokes the rejuvenating feeling of the forest. This blend resurrects our deeply buried memories of stately conifer forests and fresh, pungent ‘aerial’, uplifting aroma.

Energetically, Pine has a pronounced effect on the lungs and relates to the element of Metal in TCM. Pine essential oil ‘opens’ the chest, instills positivity and helps to restore self-confidence. It will help disperse melancholy and counteracts pessimism, working to reawaken our instinctive connection to life. It also works to help dispel a negative self-image and feelings of remorse, often prevalent during the holiday season, replacing undue guilt with forgiveness and self-acceptance.

Cedarwood (Juniperis virginiana) can restore a sense of spiritual certainty and reinforces determination and transformational power of the will. Symbolized by the ‘magic sword’, This noble Conifer can provide immovable strength in times of stress. Cedarwood represents the power of Wotan, the one-eyed God of the storm, magic and harvest.

The Conifer oils are opening and energizing, and bring air and light.

Essential oils of Scots Pine or Norway Pine (Pinus sylvestris) and Red Cedarwood (Juniperis virginiana)
Use in diffuser only; not suitable for skin application.
Use in diffuser only; not suitable for skin application.

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