What's New on the 1997 Karst and Cave Symposium Home Page?

February 5, 1998.  Linked in Program and added short status report to home page.

Nov. 3, 1997.  Fixed broken counter (broken during post symposium update not previlusly documented below).  Added link to North Island Field Guide, now on the Web.

October 10, 1997 or thereabouts.  Removed links to registration forms.   Rewrote Home page in past tense.  Added banner on Papers Due Date.  Broke the damn counter!

September 30, 1997.  There were other changes since Aug. 31 that didn't get documented.  As of this date, all abstracts, program, schedule stuff is updated.   The quality of the updates will probably go downhill in a few days as we deal with real crises as opposed to virtual ones.

August 31, 1997.  BCI is now a full co-sponsor.

August 12, 1997 - Extensive revisions. Added schedule, new papers list, on-line registration form, and lots of other stuff.

June 7, 1997 - Added a Papers Received page, integrated in the under construction Area and Local Karst and Caves pages.

June 3, 1997 - Added BC Parks as a sponsor. Added Sponsor Page.

May 6, 1997 - Extended paper deadline to June 1.

April 3, 1997 - Added working Organization Charts. Added Agenda for April 5 meeting. Maybe some other minor things. Now marked with the symbol.

March 24, 1997 - Corrected Hosts and sponsors.

March 2, 1997 - added Agenda for March 8 meeting.

February 28, 1997 - Revised logo and page layouts. Added First Announcement, Call for Papers, and Registration Form.

January 30, 1997 - Added Sponsors and made logo transparent.

September 21, 1996 - Changed the Symposium Dates to earlier in October. Added this page. Changed the Theme. Firmed up the location.

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