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These are the ten organizations that comprise the National Cave Management Symposium Steering Committee. The Steering Committee meets annually at the NSS Convention and also meets at each Symposium. Janet Thorne is the current Chair of the Committee.

National Speleological Society

American Cave Conservation Association American Cave Conservation Association

Cave Research Foundation

The Karst Waters Institute

National Caves Association

The Nature Conservancy

U. S. Forest Service

U. S. National Park Service

U.S. Bureau of Land Management

U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service


Co-sponsors are the local organizations that provide representatives to the local NCMS Organizing Committee, and other organizations who contribute at least $500 of cash or in-kind services. If you'd like to be a co-sponsor, contact us for an application form.

British Columbia Speleological Federation (BCSF)

Ministry of Forests Homepage British Columbia Ministry of Forests (MOF)

Northwest Caving Association (NWCA)

Oregon Grotto of the NSS (OG)

Northwest Chapter of the ACCA

Northwest Cave Research Institute (NCRI)

Ministry of Environment Lands and Parks BC Parks

Bat Conservation International

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Richmond Area Speleological Society

Western Forest Products Limited, Port McNeill, BC, Canada

  Terra Associates, Seattle, WA, USA

   MacMillan Bloedel Limited,  Port McNeil, BC, Canada

  Canadian Forest Products Limited,  Englewood Logging Division, Woss, BC, Canada

  The Record,


We are actively seeking grants and contributions to help offset the field trip costs for particpants, to sponsor breaks, and to provide additional funding to help us provide the best symposium ever. If you'd like to contribute, please contact Libby Nieland for instructions on where to send your contribution. If you are aware of some organization or entity that might support us with a grant, contact Dave Klinger.

Grants so far have been provided by:

Richmond Area Speleological Society (RASS)


Organizing Committee:

Members and officers of the local Organizing Committee include:

Name and Committee/Office


Rob Stitt, U.S. Co-Chair NSS Cave Conservation and Management Section, Cascade Grotto
Paul Griffiths, Canadian Co-Chair BCSF
Libby Nieland, Treasurer NW Chapter ACCA
Tom Strong, Program Chair Cascade Grotto, NSS Director
Dick Garnick, Local Arrangements Fourth Corner Grotto, Cascade Grotto
Dave Klinger, Sponsorship NWCA
Mark Sherman, Publicity NCRI, Cascade Grotto
Jim Nieland, Mt. St. Helens Field Trips USFS, NW Chapter ACCA
Donovan Whistler, Publications BCSF
Eric Larsen, Sponsorship WA DFW-Habitat Management Program
Reid Robinson/Sue Vessey Friends of Nootka Sound
Martin Davis, Canadian Vendors VICEG, BCSF
Steve Sprague, U.S. Vendors NCRI, Cascade Grotto
Bill Marshall MOF, Recreation Section
Alisa Vanderberg VICEG
Mack Pitchford BCSF
Pat Shaw BCSF
Denis Moffatt, Phil Whitfield BC Parks
Michael Compton NWCA
Rick Coles VICEG
Jim Baichtal, Alaska Field Trips USFS
Karen Griffiths, Travel Arrangements BCSF
Sheryl Craig, Registration Fourth Corner Grotto
Bob Brown NCRI, WA DNR
Linda Heslop, Graphics Design VICEG