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Highlighting Forest Karst Ecosystems

October 7-10, 1997, Bellingham, Washington, U.S.A

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As of August 6, the following papers have been accepted:

Authors Title Agency Topic Area
Tom Aley and Cathy Aley Role of the Epikarstic Zone in Temperate Rain Forest Management in Alaska   Forest Karst
James F. Baichtal Application of a Karst Management Strategy USFS Forest Karst
James F. Baichtal Karst Landscapes and Associated Resources: A Resource Assessment - Poster Presentation USFS Forest Karst
Bronwen Beedle Management for Karst Environments in British Columbia BCMOF Forest Karst
Gabrielle K. Call, Tom Aley, and John Farr Use of Dye Tracing and Recharge Area Delineation in Cave Protection and Conservation on Private Land   Dye Tracing
Kent Carlson The Distribution of Troglobitic and Troglophilic Invertebrates in Southeast Alaska - Poster Presentation USFS Poster, Forest Karst
Kent Carlson Invertebrate Habitat Complexity in Southeast Alaskan Karst Ecosystems - Poster Presentation USFS Poster, Forest Karst
Rane Curl, Ph.D. Entranceless and Nonproper Cave Management MKF/KWI  
Rane Curl, Ph.D. and Ira Sasowsky, Ph.D Karst Water Institute - Karst Science Serving Groundwater and Biological Resources KWI Agency Information
Robert R. Currie and Jim Petterson Protecting Stanton's Cave USFWS Protection
Martin Davis, Trudy Chatwin, and David Nagorsen Bat Usage of the Weymer Creek Cave Systems on Northern Vancouver Island BCSF Bats
James Goodbar Caves and Confined Spaces: An OSHA Issue BLM Management
Elery Hamilton-Smith The IUCN Guidelines for Cave and Karst Protection    
Elery Hamilton-Smith and Brian Clark Bat Interpretation by Infra-red Imaging at Naracoorte World Heritage Area, South Australia   Bats
Elery Hamilton-Smith Ph.D. Monitoring Visitor Experience and Environmental Conditions at Jenolan Caves, New South Wales, Australia   Show Cave Management
Peter Huntoon, Ph.D. The Great Leap Forward - Deforestation Ecological Disaster in the South China Karst Belt   Forest Karst
Jim Kennedy North American Bat Conservation Partnership   Bats
Kenneth J. Kingsley, Development of a Conservation Agreement to Protect Cave Invertebrates and Obviate listing as Endangered Species in Bexar County, Texas   Endangered Species
Knutson, Steve Computerized Cave Mapping-an AutoCAD example from Oregon Caves National Monument NPS Cartography
Julian J. Lewis, Ph.D. and F. Allen Pursell Karst Conservation in Indiana: The Biological Inventory of Caves of the Blue River Bioreserve   Endangered Species
Stephen W. Lewis Alaskan Cavers Provide Basis for Karst Ecosystem Protection in the Tongass National Forest    
Stephen W. Lewis Roosting and Hibernal Ecology of Bats in Southeast Alaska's Karstlands   Bats
Mark Ludlow and Jeff Gore Conservation of Cave-roosting Bats at a North Florida State Park   Bats
John T. M. Lyles ROCK, Technology for Remote Exploration   Techniques
John T. M. Lyles Advances in GPS Receivers for Locations in Densely Forested and Hilly Terrain - Poster Presentation   Poster
Lois Bergthold Lyles Remediation of the New Mexico Room, Carlsbad Caverns National Park: Re-naturalization of a commercialized cave area   Restoration
Joe Meiman and Chris Groves Conservation Practices for the Improvement of Water Quality of the Mammoth Cave Karst Aquifer NPS Water Quality
Jim Nieland, David Anderson, and Chandra Madrona Christmas Tree Cave Bat Gating Project, Mt. Adams Ranger District ACCA, USFS Gates
Jim Nepstad Surface Developments above Wind Cave - Surveying the Impacts NPS Impacts
Rick Olson The Human Nature of Caving and Cave Conservation at Mammoth Cave National Park NPS Impacts
Rick Olson, John Fry, Joe Meiman, Bob Ward, Scott Henrickson, and Jeff Bradybaugh Cave Entrance Management: Principles and Practice at Mammoth Cave National Park NPS Management
Dale L. Pate Conservation/Restoration Efforts in the Caves of Carlsbad Caverns National Park NPS Restoration
Jason M. Richards A New Map for Carlsbad Caverns NPS Cartography
Jonathan Rollins An Inventory of Caves and Related Karst Features in the Canadian Rockies, with Management Recommendations   Inventory
John Roth Biotic Carrying Capacity at Oregon Caves NPS Biology
Rob Stitt Cave Conservation and Management on the Internet - Part 2 NSS Communications
Tim Stokes Digital Cave/Karst Potential Mapping in Northern Vancouver Island: A Strategic Forestry Planning Tool   Techniques
Mike Yocum National Cave Survey Data Collection Standards   Inventory
Carol Zokaites Project Underground - Poster Presentation RASS Poster

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