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October 7-10, 1997


Lakeway Best Western
Bellingham, WA
for reservations:

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E-mail Address (if available): Office Use

Registration Fees (Per Person): (Basic registration includes Symposium program, Proceedings, reception, banquet, other activities. Field trips are extra!)

The Chilliwack Field Trip is now Full! If anybody cancels we may take additional people at the Symposium.

Item US Price CDN Price # Persons US$
Full Registration US$125 CDN $162.50
Student US$75 CDN $97.50
Organizational Sponsorship (one registration included) US$500 CDN $650.00
Day Rate for days US$40 CDN $52
Field Trips
North Vancouver Island US$225 CDN$300.00
Chilliwack FULL FULL US$25 CDN$32.50   FULL FULL
Project Underground Workshop US$5 CDN$6.50
Total Enclosed       US$ Total CDN$ Total


Please make checks payable to the "1997 Karst and Cave Symposium" (in either US or Canadian Funds, as appropriate) and mail to P.O. Box 28310, Bellingham, WA 98228-0310, USA. Registration confirmation will be mailed within two weeks. Bank Cards (Visa, MasterCard) will be accepted and processed by the Samara Company for the Symposium. You may fax Bank Card Registrations to (206)284-3592. Note: You will be charged 5% extra for use of the card.

For facilities planning, PLEASE pre-register by September 15.

Note: The following Connection is not secure. If that is a problem for you, please put your phone number and a time you can be reached for us to call you to get the card number.

Credit Card Number:

Visa Master Card Expires

I want to participate in the Project Underground Workshop on Thursday: Cost US$5.00 CDN$7.50

Field Trips: Thursday, October 9, 1997 Indicate preference:

Vancouver Island (BCMF) — Karst resources in forested areas at the northern end of Vancouver Island. US$225, CDN$300. Prepayment Required. Cancellations before September 15 will be refunded.

Chilliwack Valley (NSS,BCSF) — Sub-alpine karst resources and caves in southwestern British Columbia. US$25, CDN$32.50.

Pre- or Post Symposium Field Trips Indicate interest:

Prince of Wales Island (USFS)—Karst resources and caves on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska.
October 3-5 from Ketchikan, Alaska. We’ll have the trip leaders contact you. You’ll have to arrange your own transportation to Ketchikan.

Mt. St. Helens (USFS)—Lava tubes and pseudo-karst resource management in southwestern Washington. October 11 from Woodland, Washington. We’ll have the trip leaders contact you.