1997Karst and Cave Management Symposium

13th National Cave Management Symposium

Organizing Committee Meeting

May 10, 1997

A meeting of the Organizing Committee for the 1997 National Cave Management Symposium will be held on Saturday, May 10, 1997 at 12:00 noon at:

Environment Canada South Vancouver Office

7th Floor Boardroom

1200 West 73rd Avenue ("Airport Square")

Vancouver, BC

(between Oak Street and Granville Streets in far south Vancouver)

To Get There:

From the south, follow the main highway north along Oak Street. While passing over the Oak Street Bridge (linking Richmond and Vancouver), look west. The Office tower is the conspicuous office building (marked "Airport Square" with large microwave dishes on a terrace on the south side of the building) near the end of the bridge. Take the Marine Drive (west) exit, which loops beneath the Oak Street bridge. Right at 73rd and look for a parking spot.


The meeting will be held in the Environment Canada 7th Floor boardroom, commencing at noon. During the weekend, the building is closed to the public, and access is by security pass cards. Punctuality would be best, so that we might all travel to the boardroom en masse at noon. Recognizing this is unlikely, there are three options which we will try:1) Pat Shaw will visit the foyer from the meeting site every half hour from noon to 1:30 pm to pick up stragglers. 2) At the entrance is an intercom system which is available. The number for the boardroom is - 664-9104. Not sure how much of this need be entered at the door keypad, probably just the 9104.3) If all else fails, Donovan Whistler will have his cell telephone for calls at 604-612-3284


There are a number of options, from an excellent small sandwich deli close to the office to pizza to other possible order-in options. I will bring a coffee-maker for caffeine addicts, and we may have to slip out for other beverages.If there are any questions, contact Pat Shaw by e-mail at dps@istar.ca or at (604)984-3557

This Agenda is being distributed only via e-mail. It will also be posted on the World Wide Web at http://www.wingedseed.com/samara/ncms97/agen510.htm.

Preliminary (and probably final) Agenda
  1. Corrections to Minutes of the Last Meeting
  2. Committee Reports
    1. Facilities and Local Arrangements - Dick Garnick
    2. Field Trips
      1. North Island - Paul Griffiths
      2. Chilliwack - Dick Garnick
      3. Pre and Post
        1. Alaska - Jim Baichtal
        2. Mt. St. Helens - Jim Nieland
      4. Non-Cave/Local - Sue Vessey
    3. Program-Tom Strong
      1. Call for Papers
      2. Progress to date
    4. Publications-Donovan Whistler
    5. Publicity-Mark Sherman
      1. Web Pages - Rob Stitt
      2. Mailing of Call for Papers - Rob Stitt and Mark Sherman
      3. News Article - Mark Sherman
      4. Additional Publicity Opportunities
    6. Sponsors-Dave Klinger, Paul Griffiths, Rob Stitt, Bill Bennett, Eric Larsen

We need to find a permanent chairperson for this committee.

Review of Potential Sponsors List.

We need to define in-kind and cash contribution requirements better.

We need to have a better list of in-kind things that we need.

  1. Treasurer - Libby Nieland
  2. Grants and other Aid - Rob Stitt and Paul Griffiths
  3. Registration - Sheryl Craig, Dick Garnick
  4. Other Committee Reports
  1. Old Business
    1. Review of Timeline/Schedule-Rob Stitt

(An updated timeline will be distributed and discussed.)

Cannot be e-mailed at present.

  1. Field Trips Travel-Karen Griffiths
  2. Budget-Libby Nieland and Rob Stitt
  3. Remaining Committee Assignments
  1. Discuss Draft Organization Chart for Operations - R. Stitt.

This was distributed at the March meeting and is posted on the world wide web.

  1. Symbolic Devices
  1. Discussion of Vendors or others selling things during the meeting. - Jim Nieland
  1. Tee shirt Project

Discussion of Producing a larger number of tee-shirts to sell as a fund raising tool - Rick Coles

  1. Discussion of what sponsors and others can do (Volunteer Tasks)
  2. Discussion of Insurance
  1. New Business
    1. Publicity Plans for other meetings:
      1. NSS Convention (Rob Stitt, Tom Strong)
      2. International Congress (Paul Griffiths)
  2. Review Action Items (See list )

Action Items were distributed via e-mail on 4/27/97.

  1. Wrap up meeting over dinner (if necessary)
  2. Announcement of location for next meeting, and discussion of future meeting details.
  3. Adjournment

Attachments: Action Item List (Sent Previously by e-mail
Minutes of Last Meeting (Sent previously by e-mail)
Organization Charts (Posted on the Web -- see http://www.wingedseed.com/samara/ncms97/orgcom.html

Revised Address List (Previously Sent via e-mail)

To be Available at the Meeting:

Revised Time Line (Cannot be e-mailed at present)
Revised Budget (maybe)

Extra copies of Above Items