1997 Karst and Cave Management Symposium

13th National Cave Management Symposium

Organizing Committee Meeting

March 8, 1997

A meeting of the Organizing Committee for the 1997 National Cave Management Symposium will be held on Saturday, March 8, 1997 at 12:00 noon in the Lobby Café of the Lakeway Best Western Inn in Bellingham, Washington. Address: 714 Lakeway Drive, Bellingham, WA 98226. Take the Lakeway Drive exit 253 from I-5. If you need more detailed instructions for finding it, call Dick Garnick on (360)671-1066. Or email him at rgarnick@nas.com.

Note: The meeting will not be in Vancouver, as previously announced.

This Agenda is being distributed only via e-mail, except to Dave Klinger via fax.

If you have any additions to the Agenda, please e-mail them to Rob before Thursday, March 6, and they will be included in the final Agenda.

Preliminary Agenda

  1. Corrections to Minutes of the Last Meeting
  2. Committee Reports
    1. Facilities and Local Arrangements - Dick Garnick
    2. Field Trips
      1. North Island - Paul Griffiths
      2. Chilliwack - Dick Garnick
      3. Pre and Post
        1. Alaska - Jim Baichtal
        2. Mt. St. Helens - Jim Nieland
      4. Non-Cave/Local - Sue Vessey
    3. Program-Tom Strong
      1. Call for Papers
    4. Publications-Donovan Whistler
    5. Publicity-Mark Sherman
      1. Web Pages - Rob Stitt
      2. Mailing of Call for Papers - Rob Stitt and Mark Sherman
      3. News Article - Mark Sherman
    6. Sponsors-Dave Klinger, Paul Griffiths, Steve Sprague, Rob Stitt
    7. Treasurer - Jim & Libby Nieland
    8. Grants and other Aid - Rob Stitt and Paul Griffiths
    9. Other Committee Reports
  3. Old Business
    1. Review of Timeline/Schedule-Rob Stitt

(A newly revised timeline will be distributed and discussed.)

Cannot be e-mailed at present.

  1. Field Trips Travel-Karen Griffiths
  2. Budget-Libby Nieland and Rob Stitt

Rob will bring a portable computer and his working spreadsheet, so that variables can be manipulated to determine the optimum budget.

  1. Remaining Committee Assignments
  1. Review Revised Organization Chart (to be handed out) and fill remaining committees - R. Stitt.
  2. Review Draft Organization Chart for Operations - R. Stitt.
  1. Symbolic Devices

Review of Graphics for Tee-shirt submitted by Linda Heslop.

Discussion of Vendors or others selling things during the meeting. - Jim Nieland

Stitt moves that the ______________ Committee shall produce 10 tee-shirts to be used for publicity purposes at the NSS Convention, the International Congress, and regional meetings.

  1. Review of and Approval of Preliminary Budget

Stitt moves that the Preliminary budget submitted by the Budget Committee, as amended, is approved as a Preliminary Budget, subject to adjustments to be made prior to the next meeting.

  1. Production and Mailing of First Call for Papers. (Due Immediately)

If we have this together this may be a mailing party. As of Agenda publication it looks like it should be together.

  1. New Business
    1. Discussion of Potential Sponsors List
    2. Discussion of what sponsors and others can do (Volunteer Tasks)
    3. Discussion of Insurance
    4. Distribution of Letterhead paper (Donovan)
  2. Review Action Items (See minutes of last meeting)
  3. Wrap up meeting over dinner (if necessary)
  4. Announcement of date-and time for next meeting
  5. Adjournment

Attachments: Committee List

To be Available at the Meeting:
Proposed Tee-shirt Graphics (Linda Heslop/R. Stitt)

Revised Address List
Letterhead paper
Revised Organization Chart
Revised Time Line (Cannot be e-mailed at present)
Mailing Labels