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Latin Binomial: Melissa officinalis
Plant Part: Flower
Extraction: Absolute
Growing Practice: Ethical
Country of Origin: France
Odor Type: CITRUS

Odor Characteristic: Sultlry, strongly herbaceous-citrus with methyl he;enone, bitter-grassy note.

CAS No: 8014-71-9

About the Plant

Melissa is an small herbaceous perennial, known for thousands of years as it appears in almost all of the early herbals and has much lore. The common name long ago in many countries was "hearts delight" and infusions
Aromatherapy: The absolute is not used in aromatherapy; see melissa essential oil.

Perfumery: Melissa absolute is a rare perfume ingredient in the indie market, however, it has wide spread use, especially with citrus accords and unisex perfumes. It can provide long-lasting fresh melissa topnotes and add lightness to a floral fragrance.

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