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Ascenden™ Natural Parfum Mist, 7.5 ml in brushed silver atomizer
Ascenden™ 4 oz Aromatherapy Lotion in colored glass bottle with pump

A fresh and lively scent, reminiscent of the classic 4711 school of unisex scents. This uplifting parfum blends Petitgrain Bigarde, several Citrus oils, Melissa and Lemon Thyme with a hint of spices. This synergy has been formulated for emotional problems, stress, anxiety and depression and is a lovely addition for the gloomy winter months. It is sure to chase the blues away. This parfum is a 30% dilution with moderate silage, greater when layered with related products which is why we have offered a holiday gift that includes an Ascenden™ Aromatherapy lotion.

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