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Latin Binomial: Carum carvi
Plant Part: Seed
Extraction: CO2 Extraction
Growing Practice: Ethical
Country of Origin: Finland
Odor Type: SPICY

Odor Characteristic: The most frequent olfactory description of Caraway seed is that it smells of "rye bread." Definitely spicy, with weedy top notes and fatty undertone. Arctander teaches that all seed oils contain a slightly nauseating faint odor, almost amine-like, which he attibutes to either decomposition of proteins in the germ of the seed or the presence of blycosides or alkaloids.

Appearance: light yellow clear liquid.
BioChemicals: 85 - 95 % essential oil with 25 - 50 % carvone, 50 - 75 % limonene, dihydrocarvone, carveol, dihydrocarveol and other carveol isomeres.
CAS No: 8000-42-8

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