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quantity in basket: none
code: 11131


Latin Binomial: Eucalyptus polybractea ct cryptone
Plant Part: Branch and Leaf
Extraction: Steam Distilled
Growing Practice: Wild
Country of Origin: Australia

Odor Characteristic: Very cineolic, somewhat soapy-metallic that becomes herbaceous after 10 minutes. Dryout is faint, woody, soapy, slightly minty.

Refractive Index: 1.459
Specific Gravity: 0.920
Appearance: colorless to pale yellow liquid
BioChemical Class: Ketone
BioChemicals: cryptone chemotype
CAS No: 8000-48-4

Aromatherapy: Use in aromatherapy is that of other Eucalyptus oils, inhalants and linaments used for respiratory and muscular applications. All Eucalyptus oils are rich in eucalyptol and have antiseptic and expectorant properties and are especially good for inhalation.

Perfumery: All Eucalyptus oils have very limited use in perfumery.

Flavor: The main use of this oil is in pharmaceutical preparations, cough drops, gargles, mouth washes, toothpaste, etc.

All Eucalyptus oils can induce the detoxification enzyme system in the liver, thus the effects of other drugs can be weakened and/or shortened. (Blumenthal et al 2000

Safety of Eucalyptus oils have not been established in pregnant or nursing women, but highly diluted massage with the essential oil should not pose a threat as there is long-standing usage of Eucalyptus products.

The information provided on these pages is not a substitute for necessary medical care, nor intended as medical advice. Always keep aromatic extracts tightly closed and in a cool, dark place, out of reach of children. Never ingest aromatic extracts. Always dilute aromatic extracts when applying topically and avoid areas around eyes or mucous membranes. If redness or irritation occurs, stop using immediately and contact your health provider if necessary.