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Salt Crystal, Colossal

Salt Crystal, Colossal
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Colossal Salt Crystals from Brazil. These are graded into three sizes and packaged singly.

The 2 oz package holds a crystal that is from 1.5-2 oz in weight.

The 4 oz package holds a crystal that is from 3.5-4 oz in weight.

The 6 oz package holds a crystal that is from 4.5-6.2 oz in weight.

Use these salt crystals in a tea light burner instead of water to diffuse essential oils. Put a few drops of oil on the crystals before lighting the burner. After the odor stops you can add more oil, but be sure to extinguish the flame before adding the oil to be sure that you don't start a fire.

When you have added essential oils to the crystals, they will change color and darken. This is normal.

Do not use a tea light burner without either water or salt crystals in it to absorbe the excess heat and keep the glass from breaking.

Do not add essential oil to the crystal while the flame is burning.