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Dr. Berkowsky's Vital Chi Skin-Brushing System, Book

Dr. Berkowsky's Vital Chi Skin-Brushing System, Book
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Dr. Berkowsky's Vital Chi Skin-Brushing System™: The World's Most Powerful Skin-Brushing System! by Bruce Berkowsky, N.M.D.

Mt. Vernon: Joseph Ben Hil-Meyer Research, 1999

Vital Chi Skin-Brushing can sustain or reestablish the skin's functional integrity and youthful glow. The skin is as major an organ as the heart, lungs and kidneys. Its primary functions include: respiration, excretion, blood and lymph circulation, immunity and the conduction of vital chi. However, unlike other vital organs, the skin can be non-invasively accessed and mediate systemic rejuvenation by a variety of therapeutic techniques, including proper skin-brushing. Vital Chi Skin-Brushing is a particularly powerful therapy which can positively impact the entire body.

Variations of skin-brushing have been practiced for thousands of years. For many centuries, the Japanese employed vigorous skin-brushing with loofa sponges as a prelude to their traditional hot bath. Prior to bathing (following a hard training session or physical competition) ancient Greek athletes used strigiles: specialized spoon-like skin scrapers to remove the grime of exertion and encourage circulation. Among the Cherokee Indians, skin-brushing with dried corn cobs to enhance skin beauty and durability was once a traditional practice. The Comanche Indians scrubbed their skin using sand from the Texas river bottoms; the Texas Rangers followed their example.

From the Introduction to Dr. Berkowsky's Vital Chi Skin-Brushing System!

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Dr. Bruce Berkowsky is a naturopath, homeopath, nutritionist, herbologist and aromatherapist and recipient of the 1994 Hahnemann Award from the British Institute of Homeopathy. He is the founder of Spiritual Phytoessencing and has taught it for over ten years. He lives in Mt. Vernon, Washington.