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The Healing Aromatherapy Bath

The Healing Aromatherapy Bath
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The Healing Aromatherapy Bath: Therapeutic Treatments Using Meditation, Visualization & Essential Oils by Margó Valentine Lazzara, C.Ht.

Storey Books, 1999. Trade paper, 152 pp.

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Margó Valentine Lazzara, C.Ht., is an advanced clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, and certified aromatherapist who has used aromatherapy with hypnosis for more than a decade. She maintains private practices in New York City and Staten Island, focusing on stress management, women's issues, and sexuality. Lazzara studied psychology and human behavior at New York University, Gestalt therapy at the Siegler Institute, and aromatherapy with Michael Scholes and Pat Betty. She lives in Staten Island, New York.