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Latin Binomial: Pogostomon cablin
Plant Part: Aerial Part
Extraction: Absolute
Growing Practice: Ethical
Country of Origin: India
Odor Type: WOODY

Patchouli Absolute 50% with 3 year old aged patchouli essential oil to make it pourable.

Odor Characteristics: Patchouli Absolute has a rich and vibrant, intensely earthy woody odor. This blend has a green and heavy herbaceous profile.

Appearance: dark brownish green viscous liquid
BioChemical Class: Sesquiterpene, Alcohol
CAS No: 8014-09-3

About the Plant

Patchouli Absolute is produced by alcohol extraction from a dark brown Patchouli Concrete which is made by extracting the dried leaves of the patchouli shrub with hexane.

Patchouli Absolute and patchouli concrete are produced from the shade-dried leaves of Pogostemon cablin, a herbaceous perennial of the Family Labiatae that grows to about 5 ft high, and which originated in Indonesia and the Phillipines.

Perfumery: Patchouli Absolute

Aromatherapy: Not used--instead the steam distilled oil is used.

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